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“He cannot do it alone. That was never the promise.”

First Lady
First Lady speaking with supporters during a brief stop in Missouri this week.

This week, First Lady Michelle Obama challenged supporters in Missouri. She asked that we pledge to help re-elect our President so he can continue to move this country forward.

“He needs you to make those calls, do that hard work, knock on those doors, get people registered. Help people understand what’s at stake -- because not everybody is paying attention. That’s why you’re here. You’ve got to talk to people, take your “I’m In” cards … [and] get everybody in your life to sign up. Tell them, convince them, how important it is for them to invest just a little bit of themselves each week to this campaign. It makes a difference. That’s how we win -- on the ground, people doing that hard work. That’s how it happened before. We all know that it has never been just about Barack Obama. It has always been about us. It has always been about all of us -- all of us coming together all the time. Coming together for the values we believe in and the country we want to be. He cannot do it alone. That was never the promise. He needs your help.”

The First Lady is right—this campaign is going to take all of us pitching in.

Sign up to join the campaign in Missouri today. We’ll match you with a neighborhood team in your area.

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