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Having his back: Convention watch parties in Missouri

On Thursday, supporters all over the state gathered to watch President Obama accept the Democratic Party’s nomination for President. Here is what a few attendees had to say about their excitement and support of the President:

“I’m a teacher. I support the President because of his support of education and his understanding of the challenges I face as a middle class American. Not only that, but the President knows and values the way education can transform the lives of my students, who are mostly low income Americans. He supports their education, and supports me as an educator.”

- Deanna T

“What a joy it is to gather with other passionate Americans to watch our President accept the nomination for a second term. Though individually we are varied - with different backgrounds, experiences, and beliefs - together we form one great tribe. The tribe of America. Joined by a belief in equal opportunity for all and a shared commitment to making our country a beacon of hope, of possibility, for each of us and our children and grandchildren. For these reasons, and so much more, I proudly say I have Barack Obama’s back.”

- Tina F

“Four years ago I knocked on thousands of doors and registered hundreds of people. However, I’ve been slacking this year, but now I am fired up and ready to go!”

-Anthony B

“I believe that President Obama values everyone in this country and wants to give everyone the chance to succeed.”

-Corinne P

“This election is about whether or not we serve the many, or we serve the few. Life is complex and diverse, and we have to deal with that; we cannot simplify that. We can go forward or we can go backwards: it’s our choice. That is why I have the President’s back.”

-Rich P

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