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Got Turf – Ready to Go

Team Turf Maps

Neighborhood team leaders, core team members, and fellows gathered in St. Louis last Friday evening to share accomplishments and set goals as we approach the 100 day mark until the election.

The big excitement for the night was passing out the official turf maps to each team. For months, these committed volunteers have worked to build teams in their neighborhoods and surrounding communities. Now, an official turf for each team has been carved out to facilitate their organizing efforts going forward.

“These volunteers have been nothing short of amazing,” said Regional Field Director Alex Sims. “They have met or exceeded every goal. Going forward, expectations are high, and they will be taking on even more aggressive goals. We all understand how critical every vote is, and are determined to out organize the Republicans in Missouri. Our support and commitment to Democrats on the ticket is unwavering.”

Brian and Alex passing out truf maps

As State Director Brian Ponton and Regional Field Director Alex Sims passed out the maps, it became apparent just how much our grassroots campaign is growing. Excited neighborhood team leaders eagerly grabbed their maps, each contemplating how they would continue building their teams in their newly defined turf.

Kirkwood team leader Janet M. and core team member Kathe D. said that having turf maps was great because it opened the door to exploring more opportunities.

“Our team goes all the way south into parts of Fenton. There are so many possibilities for team building in that area.”
Kathe added, “We have Webster Groves as well. I’ve already thought of a couple of possible phone bank locations there. This is wonderful!”

Neighborhood teams are the heart and soul of the campaign in Missouri. It allows supporters to organize in their own communities, bringing the campaign to their neighbors, to places where they live and work, meeting people where they are comfortable. Through these local teams supporters are stepping up to make phone calls, register voters, and build support for the President.

Joining with a neighborhood team is a great way to help us reach our goal of reelecting President Obama. OFA’s new online campaign office, Dashboard, makes it easy to find your local team and participate at whatever level you are comfortable.

Join now!

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