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Gearing Up To Reach March Registration Goals


At OFA-Missouri, we are making final preparations for our March voter registration drives. From neighborhood canvasses to school voter registration events, OFA volunteers are committed and ready to take action in order to make sure voters in their communities are properly registered.

Dedicated volunteer Anita H. carries voter registration cards with her everywhere. While en route to the weekly phone banks she attends with other OFA volunteers, Anita takes advantage of having a captive audience on the bus and doesn’t mind asking folks, “Are you registered to vote?” Have you moved since you last registered?”

“You just never know when you will meet someone who is not registered, or has moved and doesn’t realize they need to re-register at their new address. Last time, President Obama lost Missouri by less than one vote per precinct. “One Vote”! The person I register today just might be that one vote.”

Join Anita and other OFA volunteers in your community as they help make sure everyone who wants to vote in November can vote, sign up to volunteer today.

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