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From the Field – Team Independence

Team Independence

This past weekend thousands of supporters across the country took part in the OFA Weekend of Action. In Missouri, volunteers stepped up to the challenge with registration drives across the state. With the Election just 5 weeks away, supporters understand what’s at stake for Missouri, and the Nation.

Four of those super volunteers who spent their weekend registering voters, making phone calls, and entering data, were Tiffany W., Marjorie K., Paige C. and Holly C., core members of Team Independence. Holly had this to say about her team, and the weekend’s events:

“We have a great team here in Independence. We’re all committed to President Obama and his campaign for reelection. Coming together as a community has really facilitated our grassroots effort and allowed us to bond into a cohesive unit with a common goal and purpose.

With the Missouri deadline for voter registration looming, we had aggressive voter registration goals for the weekend. Team Independence is proud and excited that our efforts helped Missouri successfully reach those goals.”

Holly went on to talk about her involvement in the campaign:

“The first time I'd ever heard of Barack Obama was his Keynote Speech at the 2004 DNC. I was so moved by this man that I had inch-tall goosebumps. I said then that if he ever ran for President, he had my vote. I kept my word.

Back in 2008, he had my vote. Now, he has my vote and my commitment to action. I feel compelled to help in whatever capacity I can to give back. Obama needs our help, and I'm happy to participate. I hope to recruit as many people as I can into our grassroots movement.

Bottom line, Obama needs a second term to effectively implement his vision for America, and that won’t happen if we don’t get people registered and to the polls on November 6. I’m doing my part to make that happen.”

It’s not too late to get involved. Just like Holly, Tiffany, Marjorie and Paige, you can make a difference.


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