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Finding A Place For Her Passion


Candy R. was only too happy to give a few minutes of her time during a recent volunteer training session in St. Louis. I was looking for attendees who were willing to share some of their organizing passion with me and she had the most enthusiastic expression on her face. I knew she had a story to tell.

As soon as I asked her if she would share with me why she was there, the excitement began to pour out.

“I’m hosting a neighborhood meeting in March. Can you believe it? I’m so excited about it. In fact, I’ve been on cloud nine for the past few days. I volunteered in 2008, but was limited in my ability to participate then. Now, I have the time and capability, so I’m all in for 2012. You can’t hope to win a campaign by sitting around and not doing anything. It is so important to be involved, and to get other people involved. I believe in grassroots organizing as the tool to do that: to engage a community one person at a time.”

We talked about the importance of re-electing President Obama and pressuring Congress to stop obstructing good policies for the progressive changes needed in America.

“I think the President has done a good job during his first term. I believe his policies are right for America and I strongly believe that he is the best candidate for the job going forward. The importance of his second term cannot be overstated.”

At the end of the training session, Candy stopped by to tell me one more thing:

“I worked in the food business for 35 years. I was very passionate about my work and the industry. After retiring, I wanted to transfer that passion somewhere. OFA has afforded me the opportunity and the venue to be passionate again about something I believe in.”

Catch some of Candy’s passion. Live in Creve Coeur? Attend her neighborhood meeting. Live elsewhere? Attend a campaign event near you.

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