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Fellows Across Missouri – Meet Paul

Paul Ramey KC

Hometown: Sedalia, MO
Favorite Food: Pizza
Will the Cards win the Pennant? Yes
Turf: Kansas City Region Team: Brookside/Waldo Ambassadors for Change

A recent graduate of William Woods University in Fulton, MO, Paul saw the Summer Organizing Fellows Program as a great opportunity to get involved and help President Obama’s campaign in a substantive way.

“I support the President because he is for the working class and equal rights for all.”
“His leadership qualities stand out for me. Especially the way he’s tackled the economic issues facing America. The direction the economy was going was quickly approaching another depression. The President made the tough decisions to stop the economic bleeding.“

Paul is excited to be joining other dedicated supporters of the President as they organize for the 2012 campaign.

Join Paul and other fellows and volunteers as they build grassroots teams, register voters, and engage supporters in communities across Missouri.
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