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Evie –Just Keeps On Volunteering

fb-Evie K

Evelyn K., better known to her friends as Evie, is a “super star” for two reasons. First: she served her country in the military as a flight nurse in the U. S. Air Force and retired after 23 years of service as a (Full Bird) Colonel. Second: her dedication to President Obama’s grassroots organizing team.

Evie first began organizing during the 2008 campaign. She phone banked during the 2010 Midterm Elections, and since July 2012 she has volunteered with the Florissant/Hazelwood Neighborhood Team where she has cheerfully accepted and completed any task asked of her.

"I'm motivated to volunteer for President Obama's grass roots team because I believe he is leading our country in the right direction and I don't want to go backward. I’m very worried about what will happen to our country if Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are elected. I want to do my part to make sure that doesn’t happen."

In the last two months, Evie has worked well over 100 volunteer shifts for the campaign. That’s over 200 hours of dedicated work to help reelect the President.

Evie is just one of hundreds of volunteers in Missouri working tirelessly to reelect President Obama and other Democrats. These folks are the ones who are making the real difference in this campaign.

As for Evie, she is currently canvassing for GOTV and also serving as comfort captain at the Clayco Staging Location.

"I have been enjoying every minute of my volunteering. What a great team!!"

Help us win. Volunteer for a GOTV shift today.

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