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Establishing a Base From Which to Build

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Some of the women who attended Sandy’s Women for Obama house meeting.

A wonderfully diverse group of women gathered at my home Wednesday evening for the West St. Louis County Women for Obama house meeting. It was exciting to meet other women who support our President from our predominately Republican community. We’re all feeling a little less isolated now and excited to have established a base from which to build.

The phone call from our First Lady, Michelle Obama was encouraging, motivating and engaging. She graciously took time to speak appreciatively to the group about all the efforts from volunteers at the grassroots level.

During the discussions that followed Michelle’s phone call, attendees were motivated to take action and get involved. In fact, the engaging political dialog led to several women signing up to participate in this weekend’s voter registration events.

It was a pleasure meeting such great women.

A special thanks to Chris C. for bringing the Haagen-Dazs and Edy’s ice cream cups for everyone; it complimented the red velvet cupcakes on hand.

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