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OFA-Missouri volunteers helped out at the St. Louis Area Food Bank

It’s the time of year when hearts open just a bit more to the needs of others. That means our neighborhood teams of volunteers begin to look beyond community organizing to community service. Over the past few days there have been several community service events in both Kansas City and St. Louis organized by our neighborhood teams.

One group of volunteers spent part of Wednesday helping at the St. Louis Area Food Bank. What did these few hours of help mean to the food bank and the needy Missourians it serves? Team leader Carl W. gave his review of their accomplishments.

“What an awesome day! We were able to process 624 Commodity Supplemental Food Packages/cases (food boxes for seniors), which equates to 20,592 pounds of food. We also processed 90 cases from a national retail chain equating to 2,970 pounds of food. Our total impact was 714 cases processed, totaling 23,562 pounds of food processed. The team’s work on Wednesday helped provide 19,234 meals for those in need of food assistance.”

President Obama has called on all Americans to participate in our nation’s recovery and renewal by serving in their communities. Spending a day at a neighborhood food bank is just one way to answer that call. We believe as the President does, that America’s new foundation will be built one community at a time starting with each of us.

Consider serving in your community.

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