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College Students, Jobs, and the Economy

Atima - Michael co-hosts Wash U Forum
Co-hosts Atima L and Michael L welcome attendees.

Last Tuesday, OFA and Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. jointly hosted a forum at the Washington University Campus in St. Louis on college students, jobs, and the economy. The forum attracted students and educators from many of the area’s colleges and universities.

Malik B. a fraternity brother explained:

In response to our national initiative, the St. Louis chapter, the Alpha Eta Chapter, decided to create the I Will Program, a series of discussions on political issues. We are discussing President Obama’s key legislation and initiatives targeted towards college students. We hope to raise political awareness throughout the city-wide schools and universities.

During the 90-minute forum, OFA-Missouri Field Director Carl Walz keynoted with an informative presentation highlighting the President’s economic, job, and education accomplishments as well as future initiatives and commitments.

Following the presentation, reversing the normal forum protocol, the panel asked questions of the audience. This question and answer period created a wonderful discussion with engaging responses from the audience.

“College students today are very concerned about the job market and the economy,” commented Atima L. “Also, we are concerned whether our majors are going to be in demand in the job market. I know that it is something that touches home for me. I’m a senior this year and I’ll be graduating in 2012, so it’s a big deal.”

At the end of the evening many attendees took time to fill out voter registration cards and signed up to volunteer with President Obama’s campaign for re-election.“The future we want won’t happen by itself,” said Kevin W. as he asked about volunteer opportunities.

“I think the event went very well," commented Michael L. "There was a lot of valuable information presented that will help students understand their options going forward. After hearing many of the audience responses tonight, I am beginning to see a more positive feeling among students about their future. During the presentation, we heard about all of the legislation and initiatives President Obama has championed on our behalf. With President Obama in the White House, I am comfortable that our future is in good hands.”

Find out more about President Obama’s Blueprint for an America Built to Last.

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