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Around the Office – It’s All About Data


The sun was just beginning to warm the day when Kathy arrived at the OFA-Missouri headquarters in St. Louis. She’d driven all the way from Kansas City for a one-on-one data entry training. It was hard to tell which brightened the office more, the newfound sun or Kathy’s smile. Even after her long drive, she was eager to get started.

Kathy is a volunteer neighborhood team leader in Kansas City and understands the importance of proper data entry. After all, it’s all about the data. Her team can best reach its organizing goals when they understand the community they wish to engage. During team events like canvasses and phone banks, they learn who supports the President, who wants to volunteer, who needs to register, and who wants more information about the campaign. These are valuable tools to neighborhood organizers like Kathy and her team members.

“I was marginally involved in 2008 and realized I had missed out by hanging out on the periphery. This time, I knew I wanted to be involved as a core volunteer. I wanted to be in the middle of the action and one of the grassroots organizers that make it happen.

As team leader, I need to understand the data entry process completely so I can train others and answer questions when they come up. I came to St. Louis for some additional training.”

Want to be one of the grassroots organizers that make it happen? Volunteer today.

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