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A Conversation About the American Jobs Act

As Missourians, we are familiar with the state motto “Show Me.” As supporters of President Obama, we know that he has shown us his commitment to getting our economy going. We see that he is working hard to put Americans back to work, to build a stronger middle class and to strengthen America’s economic future. However, Republicans in Congress are blocking these efforts at every turn.

A large part of the President’s strategy to get our economy working again is the American Jobs Act, which is a piece of legislation that economists agree would create upward of one million jobs. This bill provides the incentives, tax breaks, and funding necessary to begin putting Americans back to work.

OFA-Missouri wants you to understand why this piece of legislation is so important to you as an American and as a Missourian. That’s why we are hosting a Conversation About the American Jobs Act on Thursday evening, Dec 1st, at our headquarters in St. Louis. Come learn what we are doing and how you can participate as we organize to help pass this critical legislation.

Missouri Senator Robin Wright-Jones will be on hand to discuss the bill’s impact on the Missouri economy.

Don’t miss this opportunity to be informed and involved in your economic future.

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