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5,000 Doors Knocked

fb-Steve W

Steve W. is a seasoned canvasser. He started canvassing back in 2004 and got hooked.

“I have met so many wonderful people, and canvassing has given me a wonderful opportunity to explore all the different neighborhoods in St. Louis.”

Steve has been out there nearly every week this year knocking on doors. In fact, he knocked on his 5,000th door this past week. That’s a lot of doors and a lot of voters registered thanks to his efforts.

“In voter registration I sometimes meet people who do not know that they can vote. Or I meet people who do not know how easy it is to register or people who want to register but might not get around it in time. I even have done a handful of late Voter Registrations. They can't vote this year but there will be ready in 2016.”

Steve will be out there canvassing right up until the polls close on Election Day.

“Voter Registration and Voter Canvassing are about making democracy happen! Canvassing is about reminding people to vote and helping others with the details about how to vote: from absentee ballots, to finding the polling place, to getting rides to the polls.
“I remind people how important their vote is.”

Steve is driven by his passion for the democratic process and his belief in the leadership of President Obama.

“Barack Obama is fighting to protect Social Security and the Safety Net. He believes that everyone deserves healthcare and for most people this will be through private health insurance. Barack believes that Government can be effective in helping to solve problems and make us a better country.”

Join Steve and other dedicated volunteers between now and Election Day as we canvass our communities to Get Out The Vote.

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