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Women for Obama: Lara

Lara L

Lara L is a great example of how an individual with a creative calling can make a difference in the reelection effort.

A wedding photographer by profession, Lara uses her talent to help the campaign. Whether snapping photos at events like the recent Gay Pride parade or shooting profiles of fellow volunteers for the blog, she is helping capture the stories of the campaign.

“This President represents my values. I believe in the direction he’s leading this country.”

“One of the best things I did in college was to volunteer with the University YMCA facilitating after school programs for inner city kids. I loved my time at the Y and I believe that I am better off if my neighbor is also doing well, President Obama shares that commitment to social justice.”

Health care is a key issue for Lara, and it is one that has touched her personally. Despite being a healthy and active person – she has been a runner for about 25 years – her application for health insurance was denied a couple of times in the past. When she contacted the state department of health to complain, she was told the insurer had the right to deny her coverage. “I can’t imagine people who have a preexisting condition or are elderly,” she says. “It seems kind of outrageous.” The Affordable Care Act that was signed by the president – and recently upheld by the Supreme Court – is an important step toward addressing such inequalities in our health insurance system.

Given the passionate people involved in the campaign Lara will be busy in the months ahead with many incredible stories to capture.

Lara will be snapping pictures at the Women for Obama launch event with Lilly Ledbetter on July 18, will you be there?

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