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Women for Obama: Jean

Jean R

Editor's Note: On July 18, we're launching Women for Obama in Minnesota with a special event featuring Lilly Ledbetter. Leading up to the 18th, we'll be sharing the stories of Women for Obama supporters around Minnesota. We hope you can join these supporters at the event on July 18.

"This election is the most critical election in the history of the United States," says Jean R, who worries about an erosion of "the level playing field for our citizens."

Jean, who lives in south Minneapolis, is focused on health care and women's rights this election season. Her experience living abroad as a child also shaped her views on international issues.

Although she has lived in Minnesota for 40 years, Jean grew up all over the world having lived in Holland and Pakistan, where she attended high school for three years. While there, she became inspired by textiles, and consequently decided to attend the Minneapolis College of Art and Design and become an artist.

Earlier this year Jean became an Obama organizing fellow in Minnesota where she knocked on doors and made calls for the President. Now that her fellowship has ended, she's a Canvassing Coordinator for her neighborhood team and plans to get involved with the Women for Obama group as it moves forward.

"The international community's opinion of the US has improved dramatically since Obama took office," Reflecting on her own experience abroad, Jean is proud of President Obama's record around the globe "because of his demonstrated respect for to them and also because he selected a great Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton. I love her fierce defense of women's issues around the world."

The president's values are similar to mine. I've always had the philosophy that if everyone does better, we will all do better. That is what I love about the President - his inclusiveness. He genuinely wants all Americans to have an opportunity to do well.

Jean will be at the Women for Obama kick-off event on July 18. Will you?

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