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Women for Obama: Gina


Teamwork is an integral part of our campaign – it takes many hands to make the operation run smoothly. Gina P. says working with others is what she likes most about being an Obama volunteer.

These are people I’m very excited to work with. They’re very passionate about the campaign.

Gina is active in the local theater scene around St. Louis Park. The importance of collaboration is a common theme in her endeavors with theater and volunteering as a neighborhood team member for the campaign. As someone who has managed teams and events herself, Gina appreciates the caliber of people working on the Obama campaign.

Gina initially got involved in phone banks to support the Obama campaign in 2008, and she has regularly forwarded news about the campaign to her friends on Facebook. But in recent months she has stepped up her involvement with a group called Team of the Lakes in her south Minneapolis neighborhood, making phone calls and helping to organize canvasses. “Every event I go to I enjoy the people I’m working with.”

Gina is particularly keen on the President’s support for health care reform. She has experienced firsthand what it is like to not have health insurance. Like many young people, she did not think a lot about insurance until she found herself in the emergency room soon after graduating from college. Uninsured, her brief ER visit resulted in several thousand dollars in medical bills. After that experience, “I knew the importance of health insurance and how quickly things can escalate. I know how scary it is to live without coverage.”

She is grateful to have insurance now but says the President’s support for health reform will make a difference for many other young people who might not otherwise have coverage. It is one of the key reasons she is involved in his reelection campaign.

I want to feel like I’m actively doing what I can for our country. You can’t just sit back and have a lot of great ideas and not implement them.

Meet Gina and other great Women for Obama supporters at our launch event on July 18.

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