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"We Have To Earn Minnesota"


"I was introduced to Barack Obama 20 years ago by a mutual friend. Even then it was hard not to be impressed by his incredible commitment to public service and strong values from his middle-class roots. He always makes me proud."

David Axelrod, one of President Obama's closest aides, spent a beautiful day in Minnesota earlier this week talking with voters about the stakes of this election. Along with stories about meeting Barack Obama, he talked a lot about the impact of the President's policies over the past three years.

"Because of this president, there are students all over this state who have access to Pell Grants so college is a bit more affordable, kids with pre-existing conditions who now have health care, and small businesses with access to loans and capital so they can pursue big ideas and create new jobs."

Axelrod also talked about how important winning Minnesota is to the campaign and what all of us can do to help. This is going to be a tough campaign – we already know that outside groups funded by special interests will spend millions to influence this election. We must fight back by organizing and building a grassroots volunteer base here in Minnesota.

"Minnesota is a state we hope to win, but we don't take anything for granted. That's why we have a vigorous grassroots organization here and that's why we need volunteers coming to campaign offices to help spread President Obama's message. In politics, never take anything for granted. We have to earn a victory in Minnesota, and we'll do it by working hard through November 6th."

David Axelrod is right, we've come too far to let special interests hijack this election. We need you building this organization with us. Let us know you're in.

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