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"We Have to be a Healthy Nation"

Mary and Laura

Even though as a nurse Mary R. knows how quickly one diagnosis can change a family, when it happened to hers she was in shock.

A few years ago, Mary’s daughter, Laura, was diagnosed with a pituitary tumor at 19.

“The pituitary gland controls the hormones in your body, so having something wrong with it can make you really sick.” Laura is healthy now, but still takes several daily prescriptions.

Today, Mary is grateful to President Obama. Thanks to the Affordable Care Act she can keep Laura on her health insurance for a few more years. “Laura wouldn’t be able to get insurance on her own because of her pre-existing condition. Keeping her on my insurance is the only way to get the care she needs.”

“The president has done a lot to focus on the needs of the nation. He’s working to keep us strong. I truly believe the intent of the Affordable Care Act is to make us a healthier nation. To have a strong foundation, we have to be healthy. With the Affordable Care Act, President Obama was looking out for people like my daughter."

There’s less than 100 days until the election. Find out how you can help to re-elect President Obama and keep America healthy.

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