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Volunteering with Family in Duluth

Duluth Teams

For volunteers in Duluth, the campaign’s day of action on May 19th is a family affair.

It’s important work. We’re talking with voters about this critical election, what’s at stake and the big choices we have to make come November 6. Luckily for two volunteer leaders in Duluth, their families have their backs.

Cherise and Kassie have spent the last three months organizing their neighborhoods around Duluth, building their area’s volunteer capacity leading up to this day of action, our first major volunteer day of the 2012 campaign.

According to Kassie, “we both started by organizing a similar group of people: our families.” Kassie’s two toddler granddaughters are common visitors to the Duluth field office. Meanwhile, Cherise’s son Anthony is leading the team’s efforts with the campaign’s digital tools.

Volunteers will spend the morning knocking on doors and making phone calls as part of a massive effort to reach voters across the state. That afternoon, supporters across the area will gather for a community barbeque with great music, food and an opportunity to get to know each other. Kassie is grateful for a chance to bring family together and meet new friends.

“We’re very family oriented, we all like to have fun, and that makes us a lot more productive. My favorite thing about this is we’re a little family helping President Obama get re-elected. I would never have met Cherise without this campaign and I know these friendships will last beyond November 6.”

To join Kassie and Cherise, or volunteers in your area, find an event near you.

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