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Voices from the Twin Cities Women for Obama Launch

WFO with Lilly Ledbetter

Three years after President Obama signed historic fair pay legislation bearing her name, Lilly Ledbetter joined hundreds of other supporters to help launch Twin Cities Women for Obama. The event included a panel discussion with Ramsey County Commissioner Toni Carter and National Obama Women Vote Director Kate Chapek.

The crowd left at the end of the evening, ready to get to work.

It was so inspiring to see Lilly Ledbetter. It's good to see so many women gathering together for a good cause. If women keep working as hard as Lilly worked, we can achieve equality for our children and grandchildren. -Sue L.

It inspired me. I'm more aware of the things Obama is doing to help women, especially students. He signed student loan reform and has worked to expand Pell Grants. I'm glad to have somebody watching out for me in the White House. -Aditi G.

This event was very informative. It's great to see this level of support from Minnesota women from all backgrounds. I know we're going to win this year and give President Obama more time to do what he needs to do to keep moving our country forward. -Ora H.

I was so delighted to see a packed auditorium for Lilly Ledbetter. It's so exciting to see women fired up and ready to go. We need to reelect our President because we've made a lot of progress over the past four years, and I don't want to see that go away. -Kathy B.

How do we expect to compete in a global economy without a strong education system? Our country needs to be willing to invest in its youth, not just take from them. I think President Obama understands this. -Stephanie I.

Are you ready to join these women and get involved? Now's the time!

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