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George S

When the Affordable Care Act passed, I just remember thinking that President Obama, my president, acted for people like me.

George Shardlow, now a field organizer in St. Paul's northern suburbs, has cerebral palsy. So when he graduated from college, his insurance company told him that his best option was to join COBRA for over $400 a month and still have to pay another $360 for anticonvulsant medication.

I landed on my feet because I was lucky enough to be born into an upper middle-class family. But I was raised to believe that I have a personal responsibility to the people born with my condition but without my family's means.

Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, 2.3 million Minnesotans under the age of 65 with a preexisting condition will be able to get the coverage they need once the law is fully implemented.

I believe in giving people a chance. What the Affordable Care Act means is that being born, like I was born with cerebral palsy, doesn't have to mean life without affordable care.

Today, the Supreme Court decided to uphold the Affordable Care Act. As President Obama said, "Today's decision was a victory for people all over this country whose lives will be more secure because of this law."

Join George, and President Obama, and stand with the Affordable Care Act.

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