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Twins for Obama


I'm a strong citizen first and foremost and secondly a strong Democrat.

Elyse and her twin sister Ariel have been volunteering in the Obama St. Paul campaign office for a few months now: "I love making phone calls, but I really love registering a person on their front lawn, it's an emotional thing, activating people to be part of our democracy."

For Elyse and Ariel, both students at St. Catherine University, volunteering makes for some good sibling bonding: "I'm the political one, but we're twins so we end up sharing a lot of interests, and I think we both really enjoy coming in and supporting the campaign."

They support President Obama because of his work on issues important to students like them:

President Obama and Michelle graduated college with a lot of debt, and now that's going to be me and my sister. They are just both in touch with the struggle of every day Americans. And they get it, that when everyone does better, we all do better

Elyse and Ariel are twins for Obama, they are women for Obama, and they need you to join them on the campaign trail. Volunteer today.

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