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Throwing an Obama House Party: Why I'm Doing It and You Should Too


Editors Note: Over the next few weeks, we will share posts from our guest blogger, Zoey W. from Edina, as she plans and hosts a campaign house party. We hope you enjoy learning about one great way supporters are getting involved.

If someone had told me four years ago that I’d be writing for the Obama for America Minnesota blog, my reaction would have been the opposite of surprised. Barack Obama has not only been an amazing president, he needs to be president for the next term.

As a volunteer for the campaign, my first plan of action is hosting a house party in May.

The reason I am volunteering is rather simple: I believe President Obama needs four more years to continue his work. I think there is no one better suited to be the President of the United States; no one who can continue to create jobs, defend civil liberties and support public education the way he does. I want equality when it comes to paying taxes, and as a woman I want to pay the same amount as men for health care.

My journey with the campaign started back in 2008 when I canvassed neighborhoods, phone banked and registered young voters. Like many twenty-somethings, I believed it was my generation's turn to have a voice.

Four years later I went to a house party where a nice man named Lou, who happens to be the Minneapolis Regional Field Director, spoke about the campaign and the importance of community organizing. That’s when I knew I had to get involved again.

Lou and I started planning my house party. Over the next few weeks I’ll be writing about the process of throwing a house party, from planning to hosting and next steps. Hopefully along the way I’ll inspire someone else to share their story.

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