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Throwing an Obama House Party: The Final Preparations


I could not be more excited that I'll be hosting my Obama house party soon! It's been a few months in the making, so it feels great to finally get all my friends and my mom's friends in one room to talk about the campaign and how we can support President Obama together. It's perfect that we're hosting the party on Mother's Day weekend.

On Monday night my mom and I met with a few campaign staffers to discuss the final details of the party. We had a really great conversation about what we want to get out of the party. To put it simply, we want our friends to get involved beyond just coming to the party. There will be a wealth of knowledge in the room about Obama's accomplishments and what's at stake in the election, but what we really need people to realize is that he can't do it alone and we can't take this election for granted.

We're hoping to inspire action and start the night off by playing campaign videos throughout the house to get people to talk about the past four years, the 2012 campaign, and President Obama. We'll then play a game asking people to guess different members of President Obama's administration to make it fun as we lead into our discussion.

Last night my mom and I sad down and talked about why we support President Obama and why we're hosting this party on Mother's Day weekend. We both agreed that this election is about moving forward with an economy built to last, and a president who believes in equal pay and the right to choose.

I want everyone at the party to know that they were invited because my mom and I believe they are the people who can make a difference in this campaign. Members of the staff will talk about the grassroots and digital efforts of the campaign, as well as how we can get involved as a group.

The timing of the party is perfect because on May 19th the campaign is having a Day of Action across Minnesota in which people will be canvassing and phone banking in support of the President and other Democrats. It'll be a great way for us to get started with our volunteering efforts.

The sign-in sheets are printed, the food is all prepared, and the night's schedule is set. Now it's time to get the party started!

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