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Throwing an Obama House Party: The Big Day


Editor's note: This is the final post in a series about one volunteer's experience planning and hosting a campaign house party. The past posts in the series are "Why I'm Doing It," "What Happens Next" and "The Final Preparations."

It’s been over a week since I threw my Obama house party and I’m still excited about how great an evening it was. My friends and my mom’s friends came and showed their support for us and for President Obama.

We started the night with lots of food, wine, and a fun game. Everyone had an American political figure taped to the back of their shirt and by asking questions they had to figure out who was on their back. We had everyone from the beloved Paul Wellstone to Leslie Knope to Bo Obama.

After the game we had a conversation about the campaign both locally and nationally. Two campaign staffers spoke about how and why they got involved and answered all the questions that we had about the election.

One of the highlights was having District 49 State Senate candidate Melissa Franzen join us. For a group of young women, it was amazing having Melissa there to hear from a candidate who can relate to our generation, just like the President.

House party food

One of our goals for the party was to instill the same sense of inspiration that we all felt in 2008. After talking about the ways we could all volunteer together, I found myself at ease to be surrounded by all of my friends and my mom’s friends who hold many of the same values as I do, and the same commitment to make a difference this year. The atmosphere was both light-hearted and inspiring.

Looking back on the experience of throwing my house party, it’s been truly fantastic getting to know the Minnesota staff members, talk with my friends about the campaign and to already start volunteering together. I would tell anyone who’s interested in getting involved that throwing a house party is a great way to get started.

If Zoey has inspired you, consider hosting a house party for the campaign, sign up today and we'll be in touch!

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