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The Heartland RV, Rolling Again in Minnesota


The Heartland RV is spending the week traveling to “Gotta Vote” events around Minnesota. With just two weeks before Election Day, Minnesotans know there are plenty of reasons to head to the polls:

If you believe in equal pay for equal work, you gotta vote. If you believe in an economy built from the middle class out, you gotta vote. If you believe in great schools and a strong infrastructure, you gotta vote. And you gotta vote for Barack Obama.

-State Rep. Terry Morrow.

According to Congressman Keith Ellison, it's important work:

The RV will travel thousands of miles and make over forty stops, but the most important number is one. It's those individual conversations, and everyone's individual vote that's going to make all the difference this election.


On November 6, Minnesotans will have to make an important choice about the presidential election, and races up and down the ticket.

Minnesota was known as a progressive state, a state that really works. We need to take back our state legislature for the DFL. We want to wake up on Nov 7th with an Obama victory, reelecting our US Senator Amy Klobuchar, with a DFL majority in the legislature and having defeated those two hateful amendments.

- St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman

Help us get out the vote, volunteer today.

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