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The Heartland RV and an All-of-the-Above Energy Plan

The now iconic Obama Heartland RV has travelled thousands of miles through America’s heartland during the last few months. Here in Minnesota, political and business leaders have crisscrossed the state, speaking with voters about President Obama’s vision for America’s 21st century economy.

Last week, Mayor RT Rybak and former State House Minority Leader, Matt Entenza, visited Minnesota energy innovators to highlight President Obama’s all-of-the-above approach for American energy independence.


President Obama's all of the above energy strategy is supporting communities like Staples, not the Middle East.

– Mayor Rybak

The Minneapolis Mayor joined the Heartland RV during a swing through central Minnesota. Mayor Rybak toured research facilities and small businesses on the cutting edge of the energy industry. Tech students showed the Mayor around their campus at Central Lakes College in Staples, where research projects are being conducted on alternative fuel crops.

Mayor Rybak also visited Silent Power in Baxter and the Rural Renewable Energy Alliance in Pine River, small businesses and nonprofits buoyed through the recession with help from the American Recovery Act. That economic bridge helped these organizations invest in the future, create jobs, and produce clean domestic energy.

Later, Former State House Minority Leader and renewable energy expert, Matt Entenza, joined the Obama Heartland RV for stops in the wind energy corridor of southwestern Minnesota. Mr. Entenza met with wind energy executives in Woodstock to talk about what the continuation of the wind energy tax credit means to a fledgling industry that employees 3,000 Minnesotans and already provides power to 770,000 households in the state.


The President’s support for the wind energy industry means 100,000 American jobs by 2016.

– Matt Entenza

Learn more about the President’s all-of-the-above plan for American energy independence here.

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