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Road to Charlotte: Jake

Jake C

The first week of classes is a big experience for any incoming freshman. Moving in, new friends, orientation, and demanding workloads can all be a lot to keep up with. But incoming St. John’s freshman Jake C. has an extra challenge for his first week of college. He won’t be there. Instead, Jake is in Charlotte, to be a delegate at the 2012 Democratic National Convention.

My high school civics teacher was a delegate to Boston in 2008, and he recommended I try to become a delegate in 2012. But neither of us expected I would get this far.

After interning on the Mankato office of Representative Walz, Jake knows the importance of getting students involved in this election. “Education is the top issue for me as a college student. President Obama has worked to double Pell Grants and reform the student loan process. I feel like he has my back more than his opponent.”

Jake says it’s critical to get other young voters in this election. “Students need to be informed. Look at the facts and see which candidate supports college students more.”

Jake will be Charlotte but you can watch the convention from the comfort of a house party near you.

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