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Road to Charlotte: Art and Rose


Art and Rose have been leaders in the Freeborn County DFL for many years, but 2012 marks the first time they’ll be delegates for the Democratic National Convention. Art will be a delegate representing Minnesota’s First Congressional District, and his wife Rose is an alternate.

It will be a quick turnaround for the Anderson’s on their way to Charlotte. Their son is getting married on September 1st, leaving them just a few hours to get down South before the convention comes to order on the evening of September 2nd. “That’s the only mistake we’ve made on our calendar this year,” Art says with a chuckle.

Art thinks this is a critical election for Minnesotans. With two constitutional amendments on the ballot, it’s more important that voters get involved. Art is especially opposed to the “Voter ID” amendment. “I’m a veteran. I fought for this country. And now the Republicans are trying to take away our voting rights.

So many people are turned off because they think the campaign goes to long. The most important thing we can stress to the people is to get out and vote. We’re a free country and thats the one privilege we have, we get to vote. It bothers me that people try to tell us money can buy and election. I hope not. Too many people vote in this country to have that happen.

Art still has one big dream he hopes will come true in Charlotte. “I got to go to the inauguration,” Art says, “but I’d still like to someday shake President Obama’s hand.”

Not going to be in Charlotte? Join a watch party near you.

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