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Reason #8 - Clean Energy and Minnesota Jobs


We've passed historic renewable energy standards and made major investments in clean energy. Here in Minnesota, that means a healthier environment, lower energy costs and more jobs.

President Obama’s all the above energy strategy is making a big difference. Thanks to President Obama, Minnesota has seen a 35.1% increase in wind-generated electric power, in addition to a 54.6% increase in hydroelectric production.

While we’re finding new sources of energy in the United States, we’re also making great strides to lower oil consumption across the country. President Obama doubled fuel efficiency for cars which will create jobs and save upwards of 12 billion barrels of oil a year. All that means that the average consumer will save $8,000 at the pump.

Investments in renewable energy are also investments in American jobs. The production of solar and wind electricity has doubled since President Obama took office, and investing in these industries supports over 250,000 jobs.

We need to move forward, not back, with an all the above energy policy. If you agree, make sure to sign up and volunteer today.

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