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Reason #3 - Strong Minnesota Families


Over the past six months, as an intern for the Obama campaign, I’ve been able to talk to a lot of Minnesotans about this election. Everyone has great stories, from families able to keep students in college to tradesmen who are finally getting back to work.

Two stories really stand out. Nancy, a dancing grandma for Obama who survived a battle with esophageal cancer thanks to her Medicare coverage, and Mary, who was able to keep her daughter Laura on her health insurance thanks to Obamacare.

Nancy was 66 when she was diagnosed with esophageal cancer, an often-deadly disease. Since Nancy was eligible for Medicare, she only paid a few hundred dollars out of pocket for her treatment. Today, she’s healthy, and taking dance classes so you might just see her dancing to support President Obama.

People need to know that this election represents a choice between President Obama, who stands up for programs like Medicare that gave me a safety net when I needed it most, and Mitt Romney who wants to end Medicare as we know it.

Mary’s daughter Laura is a healthy college student today. But when Laura was diagnosed with a form of brain cancer, her mom knew the diagnosis was serious. Thanks to President Obama, Mary has been able to keep Laura in her insurance until Laura turns 26. That meant she can get the care she needs and when she turns 26, Laura doesn't need to worry about being denied care because she has a pre-existing conditions.

The president has done a lot to focus on the needs of the nation. He’s working to keep us strong. I truly believe the intent of the Affordable Care Act is to make us a healthier nation. To have a strong foundation, we have to be healthy. With the Affordable Care Act, President Obama was looking out for people like my daughter.

Nancy, Mary, and Laura are all supporting President Obama this year because they know firsthand that the Affordable Care Act is helping to keep Minnesota families strong. Help President Obama continue his work, being a champion for Minnesota families.

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