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President Clinton Visits Minnesota


Yesterday, President Bill Clinton fired up University of Minnesota Twin Cities and Duluth students to get out the vote for President Obama. Starting at the Twin Cities campus, President Clinton spoke to over 1,800 fired up supporters:

I have worked pretty hard in this election, and I'm not even running for anything! But I’ll tell you something: I am more enthusiastic about President Barack Obama than I was when I campaigned for him four years ago.


President Obama not only has a better plan than Gov. Romney for 21st century growth, he's not afraid to share the details. In the real world, Barack Obama's policies work better.

Later, the crowd of over a thousand students and community members in Duluth cheered the "Explainer in Chief," Bill Clinton:


Make sure every student on every campus knows this: The most important, unknown reform is the student loan reform. Every college student in America should vote, and they should vote for Barack Obama.


He went on to define the stakes of this election:

Obama is far more likely to lift the middle class and give the poor a chance to work their way into it. Obama is far more likely to build a modern economy. Obama is far more likely to keep us moving toward a more perfect union instead of being divided by ideology, by economics, by politics.

If you believe in arithmetic over illusion, if you believe 'we're all in this together' works better than 'you're on your own,' then Barack Obama is your candidate if you want to make a more perfect union.

If you agree with President Clinton, we need your help. Sign up and volunteer for four more years.

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