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Nash: High Schoolers for Barack Obama

Nash - High Schoolers for Obama

Being too young to vote won't stop Nash from having a voice this election. A sophomore at Minneapolis' Southwest High School, Nash spent six hours on a recent Saturday knocking on doors for President Obama.

Nash supported Barack Obama for years, but after the president's announcement on marriage equality he knew it was time to get involved. "I've always been really interested in politics, so when I saw a chance to volunteer on Facebook I just knew I had to take the jump and get involved."

"Marriage equality is important to me, it's really unfair that we all aren't being treated equally. The economy is also important, I'm lucky that both of my parents have jobs and we need to keep growing the economy."

Saturday was Nash's first time volunteering on a campaign, he knocked on hundreds of doors and talked to dozens of people.

Students at the Day of Action

I had a great time, it was really fun. Talking with people shows you just how much support President Obama has. I even knocked on the door of someone who was an experienced volunteer and she gave me a lot of great suggestions for having good conversations. I learned just how important this is for the campaign for me to be involved. I'll definitely being doing this a lot more.

On thursday, Nash is going to join other high schoolers around the Twin Cities for a kick-off meeting to talk about organizing their schools and communities. Are you a high schooler for Obama? Join Nash and other students on Thursday.

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