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My Organizing Fellowship

Sam J

I was sitting in my Brooklyn apartment in May scrolling through google news when I came upon an article about the likelihood of the Supreme Court reversing Obama's health care law. As someone who's had plenty of trouble getting affordable insurance based on pre-existing conditions, this was the last straw. I had to show my support for President Obama's hard work.

I logged on to thinking I would find a phone bank nearby or maybe knock on a door or two. I ended up becoming an Organizing for America-Minnesota summer fellow and moving to Minneapolis ten days later.

The Organizing Fellowship has proved to me how much of a difference one person can make. This summer I've had the opportunity to register new voters, talk with undecided voters, and recruit first-time volunteers who had never turned their political beliefs into political action before.

My best moment volunteering for the campaign came when I was canvassing with a very nervous volunteer. I was standing next to her as she got her first Commit to Vote card signed. As soon as the pen hit the card, she burst out smiling--"Oh, my God, you're my first sign-up! Thanks so much!" I thought she was going to give the women a hug.

We should all be that fired up about getting supporters for the President.

Before I started working with our incredibly knowledgable, motivated and enthusiastic campaign team, I was just as nervous as this volunteer had been. But thousands of phone calls and door knocks later, I am having a fantastic time and making a big impact for the campaign.

If you're thinking about applying to be a fellow, you should. Rarely can you learn so much so fast and be able to put your skills to work immediately on something you feel this strongly about.

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