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Michelle Obama Visits Military Families in Minnesota

As First Lady, Michelle Obama has made supporting veterans and their families a priority. As part of that effort, she spent last Friday in the Twin Cities visiting military families and learning about a couple of great organizations started in Minnesota dedicated to supporting local veterans and their families. Read more about it in the Star Tribune:

"You are doing me a favor educating me and educating the nation," Obama told representatives from four Minnesota-based organizations that support the military. "A lot of times America just doesn't understand the struggles. We take it for granted because you all handle and shoulder the burden so well."

Arriving in the Twin Cities, Obama was greeted by children and parents from one of the organizations, Defending the Blue Line, which works to ensure that children of military families can play hockey. She worked the line of kids, many wearing hockey jerseys, and some of their parents, wearing their military uniforms.

Learn more about the President and First Lady's support of veterans here.

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