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Meet Minnesota's Truth Team

Truth Team1

As the Republicans prepared to begin their convention in Tampa, supporters packed our offices across the state for Truth Team phone banks.

Over the next few days, volunteers all over Minnesota will be talking to voters to make sure they know the truth about the choice this election.

I know voters will be hearing a lot of stuff that I don't agree with this week. So I wanted to be sure to work extra hard to get out our message and debunk some of what's coming from the other side

-Donald, neighborhood team member

What Mitt Romney is saying about Medicare and Welfare isn't just not true, it's confusing voters and scaring them. This election should be an honest choice about the way people want to move the country forward. That's why I'm volunteering today, so more people know the truth.

-Andy, first time volunteer

Truth Team2

After a short training about how to respond to the distortions, and false claims coming from Mitt Romney and his allies, volunteers were ready to go.

The training was great, I knew that a lot of what has been said isn't true but I never totally knew how to respond when folks brought them up. Now I do and I know I can always go online to find out more. I feel empowered and like I'll be more effective in my conversations as the doors.

-Sarah, core team member

We're having a few more Truth Team trainings this week and lots of volunteer opportunities over the next 68 days. Now is the time to get involved!

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