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Make History, From the Comfort of Home

June Day of Action

Saturday, June 23, will be the campaign's first ever digital day of action. You can join hundreds of other Minnesotans and do your part to help re-elect the President from the comfort of your home.

This is the first time we've done a digital day of action, but it's part of the campaign's broader work to use the latest tools to connect with more voters.

In living rooms across Minnesota, supporters like you will use the campaign's latest innovation, an online call tool, to connect with voters about this year's election. All you need is a phone and the internet to get involved.

Digital DoA

To help us prepare for the digital day of action, we asked some of our top volunteer phone bank coordinators to share some pro tips for successful phone calls.

Rachel Z: Approach the call as if you're a neighbor chatting over the proverbial backyard fence. The vast majority of people you talk to will appreciate that you're a regular Minnesotan just like them, not a slick sales person making another call.

Rebecca P: Phone banking is a little like taking your medicine. You can't always tell when it's working. You have to keep coming back to it with renewed enthusiasm, and the reality is that you don't always end up making a lot of contact, but when you do, it can be really inspiring.

Edric K: It's all about your confidence and how you project yourself. You only have a few seconds to capture somebody's attention. You need to make the most of it.

Gary S: It's important to have compassion and conviction on your calls. Stay energized and positive.

Megan Q: Build rapport with the person you're calling. Introduce yourself, and ask them a little about themselves too. Don't go straight for "the ask" until you know them a little and know they're onboard with the campaign.

Help us make history, sign up for the digital day of action!

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