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"Let's Finish What We Started"

Joe Biden @ the Depot 3

At an old train depot in Minneapolis, Vice President Joe Biden fired up over 1,500 supporters.

I am more at home at a train depot than anywhere else. I served in the Senate for years, I commuted every day by rail for over 36 years. So being in a train depot feels like home!

In a comfortable setting, the Vice President laid out the tremendous stakes we face this election, according to him there's one thing to give the other side credit for:

As they say in football, they're not hiding the ball. They're telling us exactly what they're going to do. We have a fundamentally different vision for our country. I'll say this, there's nothing gutsy about cutting Medicare!

Joe Biden @ the Depot 5

On the other hand, thanks to President Obama, the economy is rebounding. A lot has already been accomplished:

Presidential elections come down to character. Do the American people know you say what you believe? President Obama has a backbone like a railroad - that's character of conviction.

Vice President Biden went on:

We see an America where my four granddaughters have every single solitary opportunity my grandson has!

With so much at stake, the work ahead of us could not be more important.

Let's finish what we started. With your help will win Minnesota. We'll win this election.

Let's get to work!

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