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Latinos for Obama: We Are “All-In”

Monica & Miguel

My wife Monica and I became United States citizens through adoption from Colombia in the 1970s. It is safe to say our journeys as Latino Americans benefitted from everything this great country has to offer. From the nurturing love and support of parents who bestowed us the belief that our nation is a land of opportunity, we learned that if we work hard we will achieve success and that with success comes responsibility.

We were blessed with the opportunity to obtain a great education and achieved our dream of graduating college. We were also stirred into action through politics as a way to open doors to opportunity for others.

In 2008, we were once again inspired by then-Senator Barack Obama to join an improbable cause that promised to bring hope to so many who had become disengaged from an increasingly divisive political process.

We continue to believe that the election of Barack Obama as President of the United States, even during very challenging times, marked the beginning of a revitalization process that will reverberate through American history. President Obama has rectified the course of America on many fronts, including foreign affairs and economic security for the middle class. However, we believe his greatest achievements are policies that will impact us and other Latinos.

On immigration, President Obama is committed to passing the DREAM Act to bring many children out of the shadows and give them a path to citizenship. The President’s immigration policy is sensible. It strives to strengthen the border, keep families with undocumented individuals together, and find a resolution that is fair and humane.

The President understands from personal experience that education is key to success in this country. On education, the President has proposed policies that support teachers and has made college more affordable by doubling funding for pell grants.

With the Affordable Care Act, the President has made it possible for millions of Latinos to access health care. The President understands that the health of the nation depends on the health of everyone.

On April 18th, Latinos for Obama will launch a nationwide effort to engage Latinos across the country to work to re-elect President Obama in November, so that our children will reap the rewards that come when we continue the work we started when we elected President Obama. Join us! ¡Estamos Unidos!

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