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Karla and Michelle Obama

Karla in St. Paul

Karla B. is the first face people see when they walk into the Organizing for America Minnesota campaign headquarters in St. Paul.

As the volunteer office coordinator, Karla manages the front desk where she welcomes people as they come in and works to keep the St. Paul HQ operating smoothly.

I think it's important that someone in this position is a volunteer. When you say you are volunteer, that shows that this campaign is a grassroots effort. I volunteer because I want to make sure I can do something everyday to influence the campaign.

She supports the President because of his commitment to the community.

He could have made a lot more money as a corporate lawyer than as a community organizer but he wanted to help people, and I feel that's why the people are helping him.

Next Thursday, Michelle Obama is calling into Minnesota and Karla gets to introduce her. It is a huge honor to introduce a person who Karla feels has a hugely positive influence on the country.

Michelle Obama is truly a positive role model, not only for women but also for entire families.

Join Karla and other Minnesotans for a special call with the First Lady on May 31 at 6:30 PM. Mrs. Obama will talk about the importance of getting involved in 2012.

Sign up today and a Minnesota volunteer will connect with you soon with all the details!

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