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Joe Biden Makes a Call

Biden talking to Kari

This week I had the honor of introducing Joe Biden in Minneapolis. During my introduction I talked about my family, including my 5-year-old son William who has a rare condition called tuberous sclerosis, which causes tumors to grow in several of his organs, including his brain and kidneys. Thanks to Obamacare, William doesn't have to worry about reaching an insurance lifetime cap before he starts kindergarden or being denied coverage because of his preexisting condition when he grows up. Plain and simple: Barack Obama and Joe Biden gave our son a better future.

After the event, I had the opportunity to visit with the Vice President for a few minutes. I told him that my wife Kari was traveling and wished she'd been there to meet him as well.

We talked about a small photo album Kari put together for him that contained a series of photos of William before, during, and after two brain surgeries last year to stop his seizures. Kari had assembled this so we could show him one of the lives that he'd positively impacted. On the album, Kari had written a personal note of thanks to Vice President Biden for his efforts around health care reform.

Biden in Minnesota

Vice President Biden immediately asked me if I had my phone, which I did. He asked if I'd please call her so that he could speak to her and thank her personally. Kari answered, and you can image her surprise when she heard "Hello Kari? This is Joe Biden. How are you?"

He spoke with Kari for a few minutes. They talked about William and his future, and he asked her to reach out the next time we were in Washington with the kids. Then, he wished us the best of luck with William's continued care.

There were no video cameras rolling, and no members of the media close by. I believe he took the time to speak to Kari because he truly and genuinely cares about her, William, and every other American.

Regardless of who you intend to vote for in the fall, I wanted to share this because it was a moment of great pride in our country's current leadership and for my wife Kari, who has never, ever relented in being an amazing advocate for our son.

Now, I hope you'll get involved with the campaign during these last crucial months.

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