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Hundreds Help Open Our St. Paul Office

I've done my share of campaigns in Minnesota, so when I decided to get involved with President Obama's re-election someone asked, 'Why in the world are you doing another campaign with those crazy hours?' I responded, ‘I need to do this campaign. I believe in this president. We need four more years to move America forward and I need to do my part.' Now I need you doing your part too. Join this campaign and we'll win this together!

-Jeff Blodgett, State Director

This weekend, over 400 hundred fired up Minnesotans gathered for the grand opening of our St. Paul office. It was an opportunity to help paint our office mural and for neighborhood team leaders to talk with hundreds of potential volunteers.

One person who knows how close elections can get, Senator Al Franken, helped fire up the crowd:

"There's so many reasons why we need to win this election and my message to you is to work hard between now and November 6. I won a close election. It was 312 votes. There are people here who knocked on more than 312 doors! I want you to think about that this year, everything counts, every volunteer matters, we need you working hard all the way to Election Day!"

We're keeping the momentum going after our great office opening. Join us for our day of action on May 19.

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