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Grateful and Organized


Jrew G. was too young to vote in the 2008 election, but that didn’t stop her from being a grassroots volunteer. Four year later, as a rising Junior at the University of Minnesota studying Political Science and Spanish, Jrew is spending a busy summer as an Organizing Fellow recruiting and training volunteers from around campus.

She understands the challenge paying for college poses for many Minnesota families first hand.

Grateful as I am for my college experience and the opportunities it has afforded me, the prospect of debt after college is still daunting. President Obama’s policies have impacted me by making education more affordable.

Organizing college students is challenging work, but Jrew knows how important getting young voters to the polls is. “Young voters need to understand the tremendous power they have in elections: their votes lead to election results that reflect a future we want to look forward to.”

Looking back on her organizing experience, Jrew has many fond memories.

Talking to voters and making new connections has been a great experience. I’ve learned that connecting with people about issues important to them is a powerful thing. Those are the conversations I’ll remember for a long time.

Join Jrew and become an Organizing Fellow this fall.

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