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Gotta Vote at UMD

UMD Gotta Vote

With less than two weeks before Minnesotans head to the polls, University of Minnesota Duluth students and community members joined Senator Klobuchar, Senator Franken, Mayor Rybak, and Auditor Otto for a major Gotta Vote event.

I know something about close elections, and this election could be just as close. Many of you are students: for the next 13 days I want you to ignore your studies and volunteer. Thank you for your passion, thank you for your hard work. Thank you for what you'll be doing over the next 13 days, let's go win this thing!

- Senator Al Franken

With so little time left and so much work to do, the task ahead for supporters is to make sure people get out and vote.

Over the next two weeks, I hope you'll work just as hard for President Obama as he's worked for you these past four years.

- Mayor RT. Rybak

It's my job to make sure the numbers add up, and Mitt Romney's math just doesn't work. President Obama gets that the middle class is the backbone of our economy. I love to dance, so give me a reason to dance, to celebrate, on election night.

- State Auditor Rebecca Otto

There's a lot at stake, there's a lot to do, but our work is to keep moving America forward.

This is our moment: manufacturing is coming back, jobs are coming back, and Barack Obama has a vision to keep moving America forward. President Obama's vision has always been to do what's best for the American people.

- Senator Klobuchar.

Don't let these next twelve days go by without getting involved. Volunteer to get out the vote.

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