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Fired Up by Dr. Biden


With so much at stake this election, Dr. Jill Biden's recent visit to Minnesota fired up voters at every stop she made:

I could really feel how energetic everyone was. There is a lot of focus and excitement for this election at my college.

-Jacob K

Dr. Biden's speech was inspiring. I'm definitely going to continue to be involved. Dr. Biden reminded me how important this election is for students everywhere because of health care and student loan reform.

-Jonas F

After hearing Jill Biden speak, I think that it's really important for students like me to get involved. There's a lot at stake for me and my friends in this election, and we need to get involved!

-Annie G

I like that she’s a community college teacher and that she focuses on educational issues. We need more focus on community colleges. She really did a good job defining the choice on some important issues this year.

-Miriam P

She’s so inspiring. Every election is important, but when you are looking at a two-year-old and a newborn, you realize this is about the century to come. We can’t go back.

-Cindy S

If you're like these supporters, and ready to get involved, sign up to volunteer today.

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