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Father and Son Team Up

What better time to volunteer as a father-son duo than Father's Day weekend?

Chee and his dad, Shafeng, spent a rainy Saturday morning knocking on doors along with a group of other Hmong Americans as part of the campaign's Gotta Vote day of action. For Chee, his father's encouragement has always been a driving force of his political volunteerism:

This is my dad's first time volunteering for a campaign, but his support for me has always been so positive. He always encourages me to get involved and give back to the community. And having my dad along today to door knock in the Hmong community will help bridge the generational gap and connect with more people.

Chee and his dad

This might be Shafeng's first time volunteering for a campaign, but he's ready to go:

This is a nice way to connect with my son. President Obama has done a great job and I want to fully support him. Even though the Hmong community is small, we know that our voice will be heard if we participate in the election, that's why I am so proud that Chee has gotten involved.

Celebrate Father's Day by signing up for a future volunteer event to do together, find an event near you.

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