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Dr. Biden Fires Up Volunteers


Dr. Jill Biden returned to Minnesota on Saturday to fire up volunteers for a day of canvassing and phone banking. She was joined in Minneapolis for a canvass kick-off by Governor Dayton and Carol, a volunteer leader and former teacher.

“I support the president because he is grounded in the real world, and so is Jill Biden,” said Carol.

“What we are doing in this campaign is connecting to people because it’s about their lives,” Dr. Biden told the crowd of well over 100 volunteers in the Minneapolis field office.

As a full-time teacher at a community college, educational policy is important to her:

My students inspire me, and I want to make sure we continue to invest in quality education. President Obama has doubled funding for Pell Grants, reformed student loans, and made community colleges a cornerstone of our educational policy.

But her concerns and experiences are broad, like those of so many Americans. From the lives of military families to women’s rights, Dr. Biden pointed out how President Obama and Vice President Biden are fighting to move America forward:

Barack said he would end the war in Iraq, and he did. He kept his promise. He will end the war in Afghanistan responsibly by 2014. He's fighting to make sure our veterans get the benefits they earned and the respect they deserve.

With only 16 days left in the election, this is a crucial time to bring in new volunteers to knock on doors and make phone calls. Dr. Biden asked Minnesotans to sign up for “4 shifts for 4 more years.”

Will you answer Dr. Biden's call and sign up for “4 shifts for 4 more years”?


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