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Dashboard: Richard's Online Campaign Office


Like a lot of our volunteers, the last four years or progress has meant something tangible for Richard and his family.

My aunt passed away ten years ago, but if she had health care I think she'd be alive today. Her name was Victoria, she had cancer and even through she had a good job as an executive secretary, she got kicked off her insurance. Today, the Affordable Care Act stops the worst kind of health insurance abuse. That's why I am getting involved, in honor of my aunt, to make sure we stand up for common sense reform.

Now a neighborhood leader in St. Paul, Richard originally connected with the campaign thanks to Dashboard.

A few weeks ago, Richard received an email from the campaign about a new site called "Dashboard" that promised to be an online field office for volunteers. He decided to take the next step and sign-up, "I've been a supporter of President Obama for years, but for some reason that email is what got me involved with the campaign." After signing up, Richard got connected with a neighborhood team in his community and soon that team's volunteer leader, Karen, contacted him. Karen invited Richard to a volunteer opportunity and soon Richard became one of the team's volunteers.

Richard has spent the last few weeks registering voters, and organizing his community for President Obama.

After a few weeks, Richard was ready to become a neighborhood team leader himself and uses Dashboard to organize his own team. "What I like about Dashboard is that it puts all the volunteers on the same page even if we can't be in the same physical space every day. It helps us be more focused and effective so we can support President Obama to the best of our abilities.

Richard found his route for getting involved with Dashboard. Why don't you give it a try? Join today!

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