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Artists for Obama: Promise On The Horizon

Promise On The Horizon

Editors Note: Minnesota has some truly remarkable artists, it's one of the great things about this state. Recently a group of them got together to share their work inspired by President Obama. One such piece, painted by Laura H, an artist and teacher, included this artist's statement:

This work symbolizes our journey during the last four years. The chaos in the immediate foreground underscores the hard work that we’re presently undertaking together, and the path we’re seeking to forge to a stronger, brighter, more equitable America.

A faint image of a woman’s mouth in the atmosphere, reminds us to listen to the voices of women as the opposition seeks to silence them, and an image of a praying man in the middle ground asks us to attend to the faith needed to undertake this challenge. It is with hands united, prayers on our lips, and light in our eyes that we continue this pursuit of continued change and will work to achieve the promise on the horizon.

It is the journey that has united us. In exquisite numbers we will arrive at the long-awaited dawn, and we will be most triumphant, together.

Join Laura and other artists for Obama, and volunteer.

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